Saturday, 31 October 2009

Customising finished at last

Last night I went to the first Friday Night Knitting Club at our new wool store, there was a lovely atmosphere with knitters of all ages, tea and cake. Dulcie showed us some wonderful wool, even self patterning of all things! She is also selling gorgeous Al paca wool from a man trying to support an Inca village, by selling direct. They are fantastic women who have made the shop such a lovely place to go I am sure I will be doing much more crochet.

I am on my second scarf at the moment, they make such great pressies and so relaxing to do.

I bought this cardigan a few years ago, it had a thick rib bottom and cuffs. It was one of those items of clothing that I would put on, look in the mirror and then take off again. So I removed the ribbing and created a lace crochet trim on the bottom edge and the cuffs. I finished it at the group last night. Now it seems to fit much nicer round my waist I am happy to wear it.

Back edge details - I added the ribbon trim too. Dolly is such a great model!

I think the most wonderful thing about crochet is you can add to almost any garment. Great for customising, as well as lace edgings and corsages. Knitting by comparison is just boring, or maybe that is because I spend most of my time picking up dropped stitches!

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  1. That's so clever! What a great way to alter clothing and make a really pretty edge!

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I have enjoyed so much visiting your blog too. I visited the UK when I graduated from high school, so that was many years ago. I loved it there. The country is so beautiful!!!
    You do beautiful crochet work. I love your chickens (chooks). My grandmother had chickens when she was living. Nothing better than fresh chicken eggs for baking, especially pound cakes. You are a wonderful seamstress, as well. Your butternut squash soup sounds great. I want to try it! Love & blessings from NC!

  3. That edging looks so nice on the cardigan. What a great idea.Just found my way to your blog via the wonderful Pippa and have to say it's great. So pastel! Will most definitely be back again.

  4. I really must learn to crochet...

  5. thanks for your comments, they really are encouraging!


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