Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween

Isn't Halloween fun? When I was a child we were exposed to the American festival but I just wasn't encouraged. I am so pleased that children get a chance to participate now, dressing up and getting sweets.

One year I thought I would go the whole hog, dressed up to the nines and played my creepy music every time someone knocked at the door, but one little boy nearly ran away in terror! (I can't remember if I had my make up on or not!)

I think the good thing about Halloween is that it is an opportunity to meet your neighbours and have some positive interaction with children in the community. Which sounds just fine by me.

Mind you if you saw these two at the door would you want to knock? At least the frog is friendly. Dearest L decorated the house for us just before she headed off to a party dressed as a fairy!

I am putting my feet up with a little crochet!

Happy Halloween
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  1. I agree with you about the way Halloween gives you a chance to meet your neighbours. Our children love answering the door and meeting other children and admiring their costumes and they even got the chance to scamper across the road and bang on the neighbour's door too, in between all the groups of trick or treaters that visited. I used to dread Halloween when we lived in town and I had small babies, we never used to celebrate Halloween at all when I was little and so it was a big shock to have total strangers knocking on the door in the evening. I really enjoy it now and look forward to icing buns and lighting candles. I love the decorations at your house, very spooky!!


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