Thursday, 22 October 2009

Women's Institute - Halloween 2

This is enough to scare away any children wanting sweets, I grew the double chin to look authentic!

I love dressing up for Halloween I missed out when I was a child as it hadn't crossed the pond then, so I am more than happy to make up for lost time! I turned up dressed as a witch for the WI meeting, (you can't see the black and white striped stockings!) it was J's idea and she looked fabulous!

I am so proud to announce we won the cup! They loved the crazy witch's desk!

Now I will add a little about the Women's Institute here: I am a little worried that unless it starts to attract younger members we will lose a great institution! I know it has a certain image that does not seem to relate to women our age and younger, but I really feel we are missing out! The competitions are great fun, there are also opportunities to make a contribution to our communities as well as make great friends!

Where else are we going to learn skills to really be independent? Our schools no longer teach children life skills such as cooking, it is all about manufacturing as home skills were considered non aspirational! This will be a whole generation dependent on pre package foods and take aways!

Colleges and evening classes no longer get paid to run 'vocational' classes, so they aren't able to run dressmaking, cooking or creative crafts. There are so many women now who can't sew a button or take up a pair of trousers, yet with the way clothing is made it is so hard to get a great fit without knowing how to take it in here or let it out there! Don't even start me on customising things - I just love being different!

Anyway, the solution is the Women's Institute, it is stock full of women with skills who are able to pass down the generations. I was taught to crochet from a lovely lady from the WI, she was so patient and kind, and I think of her every time I make something! There is also the wonderful Denman College, which holds such a huge variety of courses from beauty, creative writing, dressmaking to exotic cookery and chocolate making!

So, if you are thinking about it then just do it! Yes it will be full of older women, but they have so much to offer us, if we only had the courage to go for it! After all if we all started joining then it would be full of women just like us too!

There are new WI's starting up, activities include burlesque dancing, life drawing (with a male model!) for info check out this from the Bramley Lite WI - just give me time and we will be soon shakin' our bootie!


  1. I've always fancied the WI, but I think it's the religious aspect that puts me off, plus I'm not sure there's a local group, I live in a big town, not in the country, but I haven't explored it to be honest. You've inspired me to have another look! When we booked to do pole dancing for my sister's hennight, the girl said they'd had a group from the WI in and they were so much fun!

  2. Hi, stumbled across your post by accident on Google, and very glad I did.

    At 29, I've just been voted president of my WI, and as expected there were a few not-very-under-the-breath comments about my being too young...!

    I have been at my WI for a year and a bit, joining in June 08. In that time I have been to all manner of interesting meetings, and had a week at Denman learning to Dowse. Great fun.

    Karen - not sure what you mean about the religious aspect. If you mean singing Jerusalem, then not every WI does that.

    Would love to be able to encourage more members my age, but not entirely sure how to go about it. Still, I shall try.


  3. Do you have to be religious to join the WI? xx

  4. not at all, they just sing Jerusalem, but that is all!


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