Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Blue Bells

I usually get bogged down with my drawing, focussing so much on getting a perfect drawing that it isn't as relaxing!

However, this year I started doodling flowers, because it is purely from imagination I find it really relaxing. Sometimes just twiddling with lines concentrating on each petal or leaf. I am quite addicted to this type of drawing!

the Shed

I love my shed,it is such a great place to go. When my girlfriends come over we always go to the shed! It is so good to have a place to store all my stash! Surprisingly when I first bought it there was loads of room, now I had to move it to the shed next door!

Strange isn't it how we buy such beautiful fabric, paper or thread, only to feel it is far to precious to use! So I have decided that I need to use these lovely fabrics! No more purchases until I have actually used some of this stuff!

It is really satisfying to go through everything and actually finish it! My resolution has actually helped me get more motivated and focussed. The other day I found a half finished skirt and it was great to finish it off, all sorted in under half an hour! How great is that!

Monday, 11 May 2009

New Storage for thread

My thread organiser is overflowing! Especially since I have started embroidery, you need so many colours and variations! This little box caught my eye in WHSmith this weekend, on top of a stack of discounted boxes! A bargain for £10, and a great place for all my zips, chalk, etc!

I bought this pink top from M&S a couple of years ago, but I was never really happy wearing it as it seemed to be baggy and unflattering, yet I loved the colour. So I decided to investigate a little and I noticed that the sides were around 6 inches too long so I cut the ends off and attached some ribbon for ties rather than the boring knitted ones. I then took the top in a little at the sides, which seemed to fit the dummy better. I had the pink ribbon in my stash and decided it made the edge of the cardigan really stand out, so I sewed round the edges. I love the new look of the top.
The skirt was on a bargain rail but once again I was never really satisfied with the fit. Using the dummy I created two darts at the back which helped reduce the width at the waist, making it easier to fit round the waist. One of the difficulties of an hourglass figure.

When I finished I was delighted with my new outfit! It is surprising how many compliments I get when I wear this!

Lap quilt

Sometimes, especially on a chilly evening, I want a little quilt to snuggle under while I relax on the sofa. The trouble is the one I have is beautiful but big enough for a single bed and it is a wrestling match, what I need is a little lap quilt, just big enough to cover my legs without being too heavy. I bought three fat quarters of some fabulous material at Becca’s Emporium back in October, however it wasn’t enough to make a quilt and too far away to get more. I toddled off to Eileen at Waterside Fabrics and she picked up some lovely fabrics to match, she has such a talent, so my lap quilt is born.
Sunday was one of those clear sunny spring days, when it is a joy to be in the shed. I have my desk placed in a corner with two windows out onto the garden, it is such a lovely view. With the door open it almost seems as if I am outside sewing. The cat sneaks in and curls up on the chair, the sun warming his fur.
I started with the middle section, creating a log cabin effect. Then I divided up the fat quarter with the cakes and tea on them, they were such beautiful strips it seemed a shame to cut them up so I left them as they were. I slowly added sections to the quilt making them semi-symmetrical but keeping the pattern random. I worked round ensuring that the pattern remained haphazard, it was a creative leap for me as I usually stay quite rigid to patterns. While I was cutting and stitching I remembered how long all this took and I was quite impatient to make it, so I decided to make simple blocks with a view to being more creative with the quilting. After a joyous day of cutting, piecing and sewing the top was finished, what a great day.

7 May 2009

Well, it has been a busy month. Firstly I had the guys over for a stitch and bitch day, shame the weather was a bit cool, it would have been great to sit in the garden together! When we all come up with different ideas it is so great! L is still doing corsets by the dozen, will have to make one myself soon before I forget how to do it! D was teaching H how to make a pair of trousers. R was customising a tee shirt.

Finally completed my new dress, it is a vogue pattern. I had to adjust the front quite a bit owing to my narrow shoulders, and big bust! The skirt was fine. However, when I attached the lining something went wrong, it seemed to pull it out of shape! I used the same toile pattern so I don’t understand what happened! Decided it would be ok without lining if I am ever to finish it this century!

I also decided I wanted to make sleeves, so I used the sleeve from another pattern. (I have an deep embarrassment of showing my armpits! Since you have to lift your arms a lot in jive)

Oh and I think I did the concealed zip six times!! I don’t understand what is happening as it seems to get caught so I could not pull up the zipper! Not sure what I am doing wrong, but after unpicking a few of these stitches it went ok!

Wore it last night to jive, it was great! The weight of the fabric makes the skirt really swing!

Oh the addiction continues…. I am off to fabric land today, to see what I can find!!! Will have to make it fast as I have no more room!!