Sunday, 23 August 2009


Gave the girls some left over spaghetti today, they went mad! Running off with it in their beaks, and trying to grab it off one another! I don't think I have laughed so much for ages!

Yesterday C has been out visiting the various hardware stores, purchasing wood and netting, today he has been creating a new framework. We are designing a bigger run for them to be safely out and about while we are at work.

The cat ran away frightened when she came across a chicken so I think they will be safe! However there is another reason for the pen. When we first thought about getting chickens I thought it would be wonderful to let them waddle across our garden. C spent a lot of time creating lovely decking and seating areas, with nice flower borders and pots here and there. Now knowing how much they love to peck plants and the amount of poo they produce we thought it better to confine them to one area! Although it is supposed to be good for the garden, it doesn't look nice on the decking!

Saturday, 22 August 2009


I have always wanted to keep chickens, since discovering a coop at the bottom of my Gran's garden! Imagine my delight when I discovered you did not need a farmyard to keep these amusing creatures!

I realise the value of my wonderful man in my life, when he saw how I loved the chickens he was soon bidding for a lovely coop on the Internet! Only after we had a trip to the farm for me to handle the chickens to see if I can do it! Isn't it a lovely home? We are going to build a bigger run, so they have more room to run about when we are at work! So after only a week we have chickens! They are only 16 weeks old, and will be coming into lay hopefully the middle of this week!

If you ever feel stressed or depressed, then get yourself some chickens, they are such intelligent animals! It did not take them long to realise that I often came bearing a handful of corn, (chicken sweeties) and the disappointed looks I get when I don't give them any! However their favourite by far (and it did send them into a bit of a frenzy!) was the left over spaghetti! They really went mad on that! (in tomato sauce as you can't give them meat under any circumstances!)

They take themselves to bed very nicely as soon as the light fades, but a little run down to the coop at six is challenging at weekends. No eggs yet, but hey any day now!

Friday, 21 August 2009

The Butterfly House

This is our book this month, and on the whole I enjoyed the book, it was well written, the descriptions of the locations, (Canada and the North American border) are very evocative, and the relationships between the women slowly unfolds in the book. I think the story tells us how love can actually be a destructive force in relationships, as it is love that seems to destroy and affect all the characters, from Bobbie the main character, who seems to have been left emotionally wrecked by an event in her childhood, to her mother Ruth, who's husband left because he was in love with her brother, in fact each character suffers because of loving someone!

This book is a strong contrast to the usual upsides of love, Bobbie is so emotionally crippled by her past, she is unable to love her husband, who in turn is hurt by her inability!

I think it would have been nice to have at least one character who benefits from love, but it just doesn't happen.

I enjoyed the writing, the story was gentle, but left me feeling just a little sad. It would be interesting to read something different by the same Author to see if they are able to write something more uplifting! Worth a read as it is not particularly long!


OK I will admit it, I did not finish the quilt top! In fact it is beginning to look a little messy!
For some strange reason, my embroidery attachment is playing up! not really sure what is going on with it, but it is very frustrating! So instead of spending a peaceful afternoon relaxing, i spent a very stressful afternoon thinking oh s..d it! I love my machine, but it doesn't let me reason with it!! no matter how much I plead!

Oh well, thank goodness it is the weekend again, although I plan to try and finish another little project, this time a writing one! Let's hope the computer doesn't start getting all moody on me!


Friday, 14 August 2009

I can't seem to concentrate on one thing at a time!

It seems ages since I actually got in the shed and did some sewing! All I seem to do is go in and tidy it for a while!!

Sometimes it is just so difficult juggling running a home, working, and keeping relationships balanced that I just don't seem to find the focus!

At the begining of the year I made a vow, not to start a new project until I finish the old one, hence the quilt I made is still wating to be sewn!

There are times when I really struggle, not juggling time, but just giving myself permission to just relax and play. The silly thing is if it were a friend of mine saying this I would just say, "do it!" So that is what I am going to do - this weekend I am going to finish the quilt. Promise!

Thursday, 13 August 2009


Friendships are difficult things these days, mainly because we always seem to be filling in every spare moment, bringing up children, managing a home, working, and then there are all the relationships involved with families, I am a daughter, mother, partner, niece, it is an exhausting list. Sometimes we are unable to handle the emotional commitment friendship demands.

Yet I still feel the need and desire to connect, to have a conversation with someone where I can be myself not tailor my words because of the strict boundaries of the relationship. I think there is a real desire to go back to teenage days when you shared every thought, insecurity and emotion with your best friend. As adults I think we realise what we have missed, the only trouble is we can't have a weekend sleep over to talk until four in the morning! we have busy lives to live. Because of the lack of time we spend on friendships, they never really reach the depths of the teenage friendships, purely because we have to divide our time and emotional energy so far.

The popularity of text over telephoning is purely because we are able to pick up texts at a time convenient to us, whereas we have to answer a telephone call and speak instantly. Texting is a way of staying in touch without demanding immediate attention from the person you are communicating with. But, (mainly because I am lazy) texting simply does not give the depth to friendships, it is so difficult to portray tone, which changes sharp phrases into funny comments, or the pace, excitement is always conveyed by rapid speech. Although many people will argue that texting means they contact their friends more, I would say it keeps connection to the bare minimum.

We are suffering from a real desire to communicate with friends, fuelled by the perpetual friendships portrayed in books and films, which lead us into the misconception that all friendships are deep, and have lasted since we were children and continue for a lifetime. Leaving us who do not have these types of friendships with a sense of inadequacy. Facebook has almost become a way to prop up or insecurities by making connections with every possible acquaintance in order to have 100 friends! However, don't be misled, this isn't real friendship.

Friendship is mainly formed around a common interest, which starts by being in the same class at school, to working in the same office, to having children the same age. It is difficult to maintain friendships when you move through to a different life stage and your friends haven't. Or if you met in your workplace and you leave, you find that your time with them is no longer filled with gossip about colleagues, there is really nothing else to talk about. So if you are looking to make some friends, join a group or organisation that you are interested in, as you will meet like minded people.

Sometimes it is important to understand that some friendships are fleeting, while others are constant. Friendship, like any other relationship, needs an investment of time, love and laughter, something that can't be found by text alone.

Friday, 7 August 2009


The BBC have just reported that listening figures for radio has increased, saying 90% of the population listen to at least 5 minutes of radio a day!

I discovered talking radio when I was about 12 years old, I had a small radio almost the size of an early mobile phone (in other words a bit of a brick!) the great thing was I could listen to it late at night under the bedclothes! I suppose it was some comfort, because whenever I stayed at my Nan's we would always listen to the radio before going to sleep. The shipping forcast seemed so exciting!

Of course there was radio luxemburg, but the reception was so scratchy I soon re-tuned, that was when I found the BBC World Service. I can still hear the music as I write this, it was such a catchy tune! Here began my life long love affair with radio 4 and speech radio.

My parents weren't really interested in cultural things, such as classical music and literature, so the radio filled in the gap for me. I learnt so much over the years, travelled the world, listening to the reports "from our own correspondent", womens issues in woman's hour, but what really sparked my interest were the radio plays, poetry and short stories.

Radio is a richer experience than film or television, as the imagination is far more effective than any special effects team. I love the way radio can take you anywhere in time and space, and it feels so personal. I know I tried to write several short stories for radio, and one day I hope I will be successful.

Exchanging Scents

The book shop in the Village has changed hands, the guy running it is great, offering free coffee! He also has started a writing group and here is my effort at the first exercise

He mislaid his jacket
left it hanging on her hook
Surrounded by silk scarves
and hats
Leather aroma surreptitiously drifts
on the train to work
bring a flush to her cheeks
Later when he wears his coat
he smells her perfume
and smiles

I wanted to capture the moment when you are first in love. You are much more aware of smells especially your new love.