Sunday, 9 May 2010

It is a start

I have a little confession to make, C bought all singing all dancing scales and I was terrified to discover that I am heavier now than ever!
My summer clothes have been brought down from the loft, and my favourite linen trousers are rather tight! so time to take action.

So today I bought some new running trainers, a sports bra and went off for a lovely run in the Forest. Hopefully soon I shall be running regularly again.

I am going to create vision board based on being a regular runner hopefully that will do the trick!

Looking through this blog, I realise there has been a lack of sewing going on lately, mainly because I have been focusing on painting. However, I am now signed up for Burlesque classes so the machine will have to be dusted off for a corset or two.

This gorgeous chap was just wandering round the tropical gardens back in September.
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Wednesday, 5 May 2010


there is a certain account called SAM but it is prefixed with Chinese characters who uses comments to post a load of writing which is a link... I have reported the account to blogger.

What a shame someone has to be so silly as to hack accounts in this way! So sadly I am going to have to authenticate comments now, which is a pain!

On the other hand this picture is from the flower festival in August last year, I thought it might brighten up a moany post!!!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ahh now just relax

I love our little caravan, it is surprising how much freedom and pleasure you can gain from the little box on wheels! We spent the bank holiday weekend at the Cookoo Fair at Downton. After so many weeks of beautiful sunshine it was such a shame it did not hold for the fair! There were so many beautiful craft stalls and talented people around, it is always a pleasure to wander round, even if we needed our brollies!

Later that afternoon we simply relaxed listening as the rain pattered on the roof, while our little heater kept us very cosy!

The only question is where are we off to next?
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