Monday, 8 June 2009

Just been lazy!

Just started a new job today, it is so nice to get back to a caring post! I will miss all the school holidays as it gave me more time to sew, but it will be nice to take my holidays when I want.

Just been away to Spain, Ameria, which was lovely but i realise i am not a laying in the sun person! I read a few books! Angels and Demons, which was really good until about the last hundred pages! I won't waste time reading any more of his books this was so similar to the Da Vinci code I am really surprised they have made it into a film. It does bring up some interesting questions regarding Science and Religion being enemies, but if there isn't the church asking moral questions then where would the scientists stop? I am not a church goer, but it did make me think. Sadly all the good points were completely nullified by the twist in the tale.

Jodi Picoult's 19 minutes was a thrilling read on the other hand, (much better than the dire "we must talk about kevin!" The way she goes back and forth in time was just fantastic storytelling! I love the way her books always leave you thinking for days. Only Jodi could make you have sympathy for a murderer, and so convincingly write about his mother. An absolutely fantastic read.

After just a week in the sun I was desperate to get back to the UK and visit the shed! Sadly no time to do anything!!!! Arrgh!