Sunday, 21 February 2010

If you must have something, it should be beautiful

This started out life as a boring cork notice board, continuing my theme of dotting flowers over everything I thought I would brighten it up a little!

the colours have altered on the screen, it is a lovely pale baby blue.

The corners have little button bow and the top has the same in its centre and of course some lovely sparkly glitter swirls!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Girlie Alert!

Perhaps it is the time of year, when the frost is still thick on the chicken coop, although there are some brave crocuses and snowdrops bursting through the frozen ground, I have found a real passion for flowers of every kind! Last week I was glamming up my dump mirror which gives me so much pleasure in the mornings when I am putting on my make up, that I am a woman possessed!

I spotted this lovely frame in a charity shop and an idea was born! Simply remove the glass and cover the backing board in some wadding and fabric, (using a glue gun!!!! Yipppppeeee) glue the fabric on tightly to form a little pad. Rub down the frame if you are one of those people who like to do things properly, or like me just slap thin layers of ordinary white emulsion over the frame. Glue your padded back to the frame and add a nice ribbon round the edge.

The flowers were purchased at a wonderful little shop called Emerald Crafts in Lyndhurst, at just £5.99 they were an absolute bargain. There are so many beautiful paper flowers available in many different colours you can go for more subtle effects or for a teenager go for bold. (Does that make me a teenager?)

Glue them in place where you feel free, or if you are a little more considerate you can place them around until you get something pleasing to your eye then glue them. (I use the top of a knitting needle to hold the flowers in place while the glue is setting, not only does it give a lovely cup shape to your flowers, it also stops you burning your fingers on the hot glue!)

When you have a nice centre to the flowers, drop a little blob of glue and add some contrasting seed beads to the centre, which makes a realistic flower you will have to keep the bumble bees away!

Use pins placed at a sharp angle to dangle your earrings onto voila! A pretty frame for your earrings and more importantly, somewhere to keep them together! I could have made a lovely display of my hundreds of divorced earrings but I wanted to inspire you instead!

Of course I have very little self restraint and have over done the flowers, yours will probably be far more tasteful!

(you are free to make one of your own, but please respect my copyright thanks!)
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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Good bye my friend

I am so sad to report that our lovely cat Oscar was put to sleep yesterday, we are totally devastated. He was a rescue cat, older than we realised, but a gentle loving creature with a very determined nature. He adored baskets and boxes of any kind, so here he is sitting pretty in my crochet basket.

Good night and god bless my sweetheart.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments, it has warmed my heart
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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Finding Gold!

I have a beautiful cane dressing table,
but the mirror was a little small and slightly damaged.
We were taking some things to the local dump,
I love going there and often make a little request as we head off,
(I ask the Angels and they really seem to delight in answering my request!)
Imagine my delight when I found this lovely gold mirror for a fiver!

The great thing about having a bedroom
of your own is that it can be unashamedly girlie!

Here is the finished mirror,
very OTT but I simply love the girlie kitch look!
The big roses are rose fairy lights,
so when I put my make-up on it gives a beautiful rosy glow.
The smaller flowers are little paper ones,
which have been glued to the frame.

I have some beautiful Chinese brocade to make some curtains,
when I get the time!
It is just so much fun to have a room of my own!
and no it does not mean Clive and I are arguing
I have very restless nights sometimes,
which really disturbs him, even though
I try not to!
Having a room of my own means
I can just put the light on and read for a while
until I feel sleepy again!

It is a work in progress
Will post more as I gradually complete the room!
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Saturday, 6 February 2010

A Great day out at the Stitch and Hobbycraft Fair in Brighton

Wow, I am still buzzing from a fabulous girlie day out with the gorgeous Karen! We headed off to Brighton for the Hobby crafts/Stitching show!

Here I am in my gorgeous new coat - Johnnie Boden is simply a genius, I adore his clothes. This is a delicious pink velvet, to wear it out is pure delight! As you can tell, I am the typical wall flower!

The show is still on until Sunday, so if you have the chance I would recommend it! The exhibitions are simply fantastic! I have just a few pictures to share with you, but they just don't do it justice!

I saw this exhibit in the WI magazine, but its beauty simply cannot be captured in a photograph! I adore this bag, it is soooo perfect! There are so many beautiful crochet creations to see. Very inspirational.

It was a perfect day for a walk on the seafront, the sun was very warm! Karen is such a good friend with a real appreciation for beauty! She was happy to admire the many beautiful Victorian buildings we saw as we ambled around the streets.

She was also very patient when I completely forgot where we parked the car! It was a fun adventure wandering the streets, fortunately Karen's sense of direction saw us back to Tiffany before it got too dark to see!

These little houses are completely made from stitches. To gauge the size the sign is roughly A4.

The little shop windows contained stitched items for sale! They were simply wonderful!

This is an absolutely perfect mini quilt, I think it must have been approximately 6 by 6 inches.

The flowers are made from the smallest yo-yo's I have seen ever! Every stitch is perfect, I am in awe of the talented people around!

There were a few of the costumes from the Film the Duchess! Oh to be an actress and wear such beautiful gowns! This is the purple dress used for the poster of the film! Kiera Knightly must be so tiny to fit into this dress!

If you haven't seen the film yet, then I can recommend it, it is a tear jerker, but a great film nevertheless.

This little object was sublime, the little garden room was complete with stitched plants and watering cans!

I loved this work, a line of little canvasses with little stitched creations on each. Karen liked the knitted one on the left hand side, but the centre left takes my vote, completely machine stitched.

(I think I must lean slightly when I take pictures because this had to be really adjusted! not a single alcoholic beverage in sight honest!)

Oh I wish I was a better photographer, this quilt was simply amazing! The middle section was three dimensional with gorgeous fish and under sea creatures! Inspirational!

The day was absolutely glorious, the sun was shining and we just talked and talked the whole day! It is so wonderful when you have such a special friend who you can spend all that time with and never run out of things to say! I can recommend a fantastic waffle and ice cream shop just round the corner from the Brighton Centre, their cakes are delicious and home baked! The cafe itself was so light and airy, the epitome of Brighton I think!

I do get rather frustrated with this blog account, the window is too small to navigate round posts, and I try to get the words to link up but it all goes wrong!!!! So I do apologise if the layout is a little odd! I had my coat picture last, but then it got deleted and I had to load it again, then it messed up all the text so I have left it where it is! LOL, perhaps I need a lesson on how to blog!
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