Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Declutter challenge 3

I will admit this isn't from the book but today's task was decided by these lovely stacking mugs I saw in M and S today! This will keep things nice and neat and tidy!

Our mugs are a wild assortment of shapes and sizes, they seem to take up loads of space and C is always moaning that they are hard to put in the dishwasher! So here is the solution! Aren't they lovely! I will send the old mugs to the charity shop, (still have a bag to fill.

I am not sure this was quite in the de cluttering mode, C said buying stuff to throw out stuff did not seem quite right, but I am trying!

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  1. I love these especially that multi colour set. Problem is I'd have to buy about 5 sets. Might treat myself to one though.


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