Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Halloween is nearly here!

I have created this display for my WI in a local competition! It has been great fun and difficult to know when to stop! I did not realise we had so much Gothic stuff in the house! I am glad the kids are out of their Gothic phase!
The bottles were in the shed and the contents is made up from various cleaners in the home, they come in such great colours! It is surprising how lovely thick wool can end up looking like intestines when it is immersed in window cleaner!

The labels were made using an ordinary word processing program, this font is called parchment, I also used Gigi.

I aged the labels by painting them with cold tea, then letting it dry in the oven!

The stink bugs eggs are made with some yellow cleaner, a necklace with white beads and some green oil.

I used red paint to fill this bottle, but I think red ink gives a better colour, not quite so muddy. The drips of blood were created using sealing wax and running it down the edge.

Candles don't burn down with bumps so the best way to get a runny effect is to drip the wax from another candle onto the sides. You can adjust the rate it falls by raising or lowering the candle that you are dripping from. It should give a lovely gnarled effect when you have finished.

Use an old fashioned font create a spell, using a velum paper, then cut it to form ragged edges. You then soak the edges with

cold tea and curl the edges round a knitting needle while it is still wet. Put in the oven for a few minutes to crisp up! You will have an aged spell for your ensemble!

I also had some small china cups, (used in Chinese food). If you drink herbal tea especially a red tea, (strawberry, raspberry etc) Empty the contents into a small dish and let it dry, it will look just like dried blood!

So it hasn't all been fun and games, I have still managed my de-cluttering task! I can actually see my dining room table! It is surprising how lovely it looks! The chooks are still enjoying all the shredded junk mail! The cups have started a bit of a frenzy, I have sorted out quite a few more cups and crockery to go in my bag. I also went to Primani today, so I filled the bag with unwanted clothes! However, I won't be de-cluttering the shed, after all those bottles have been hanging about for ages and they came in useful!


  1. That's really great, very Harry Potter.

  2. It looks fab (and ever so slightly mad which I like!)

  3. Thanks for your help with translating. It was kind of you to take the time to write it out. I can be such a clutz on the computer. I am in the process of decluttering at the moment but its a bit like the Forth Road bridge, by the time I get round its all cluttered up again! Love the display... so cool esp the botttles.

  4. Wow, what a great display!! I bet you had fun making the scrolls and filling the bottles with 'blood'!! When we move, I am going to look into joining the local WI, the more I read about it, the more they seem to do things that I'd enjoy!!

  5. It was great fun! I just don't know when to stop!!

    Things hand made, you should see my place! Just as soon as finish one area another one seems to fill up!

    Pippa just go for it! you will really enjoy it!

  6. Fantastic display! I am in awe.

    For those considering joining up - DO! I love it. This page will help you locate your nearest. If unsure, just email them and they'll work it out for you.


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