Sunday, 25 October 2009

Twiddling with Tweed!

Fantastic news, a lovely wool boutique opened up this month, and they are starting a Friday night Knitting Club, so I am off this Friday! Yippee.

I went to Fabricland last week, (twice as I never pass up the offer of an outing!) they have some delightful tweed. As I had been leafing through Cath Kidston's Make, I found some fabric for the cottage cushion! I really enjoyed doing the embroidery on the cushion, I played around with the composition! I made the hearts one as well this afternoon. Unusually going for a more subtle effect maybe the muted shades were having an effect on me.

We are going scarf crazy at the moment, having found some lovely vibrant wool, I am getting sorted for Christmas! However, L is delighted with her first crochet scarf and is even more happy now I have found my pom pom maker, she is winding as I write!

I also made this corsage for this bag I bought in a charity shop. It was just plain pink, so I crocheted the edge, (this is why crochet is much better than knitting!) I think it might make a good Christmas present! (oh no I have mentioned the C word sorry!)

C has completed his bag challenge by filling up three bags! (This is a great thing you should try as he did lots of housework before hand trying to put it off!) We took them to the charity shop but unfortunately I bought some more stuff! Don't be too hard on me, three cushions which I used to fill my new ones and a basket to organise our mail! (And you thought I had slipped off the wagon!) I bought some lovely leather boxes to go under the coffee table, we have a box each and one for the wii stuff!

Only the TV cabinet to paint and then the list is done! If only I could find where I put the book to find the next challenge!


  1. I do like your bag, very chic! You're right crochet is brilliant for edgings. Your cushions are gorgeous.

    You're so lucky having a lovely wool shop near you. They have just about disappeared here. Nice having a knitting club too.

  2. I love that cushion with the cottage on. I have that Cath Kidston book and I recently bought the 'Sew' book too. Lovely books for when you need to get the creative blood pumping!! I like the sound of the wool shop! could use a good wool shop too!!

  3. Love your hearts cushion, the muted colours are lovely! Well done,you!


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