Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Twilight Series - New Moon Film

Warning, approach with caution!

Do you remember the snow? Well I was fortunate enough to be tucked up at home as the school had been closed. Did I see any of it? Well no actually! You see I was in the grip of a real addiction which started with the first book of the Twilight series!

Now you will have seen Twilight everywhere, in fact True Blood is a follow up for all the stirred up passion created by the books. But I will say the books are seriously addictive, you will actually kill someone who gets in the way of you starting the next book because you will be under some sort of spell. These books are seriously fantastic! I know that sounds ludicrous coming from a forty year old woman, but you will fall in love like it is the first time all over again!

Let me tell you I never read any books on vampires before this, but my partner was complaining that he only saw the top of my head for the whole eight days it took me to read all four books.

When I say it is an addiction, it is an understatement! It left me restless for weeks as I tried to find something to read that could even come close to touching me as these books did.

So why the post now, well I am counting down the days until the next film in the series is out, it is called New Moon and I can't wait!

You can preview it here, but really it is better to read the books first and you just about have time!

If you have read the books then you will know exactly what I am talking about! you might like to take a peek at the chapters from Midnight Sun, (Twilight from Edward's perspective)

the film is out on the 27th November in the UK, so I am counting down the days!

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  1. i didnt see what all the fuss was about with this film, but last month i watched it, and i was left open mouthed, i really need to watch it again and i cant wait for the new film to come out( although i aint going on my own so no doubt i wont get to see until it hits dvd) but i never thought about reading the books. going to have to pop on eBay and find them quick!!


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