Thursday, 1 October 2009

Ahh friends

The fabulous M came round today for more writing in the shed. (we are both attempting to write novels!) As I had been unable to get to the shops, I decided to make some little cup cakes (D is coming round tomorrow too and I promised a nice lunch!) It was a great day for editing, feedback and general encouragement, Mel is one of those people who always makes me feel cheerful and I am so lucky to have her as my friend!

Around ten minutes after she left, H and P popped in for tea and cakes! So we had a great catch up as we hadn't seen them for a while!

After tea I found a great tutorial on you tube about how to crochet a heart! I am making a flower corsage for my friend in the North, Marylin, this will be perfect! The great thing about crochet is you can do it on the sofa while watching an Poirot on the TV! Not good for the figure (struggling with no exercise and lack of dancing!!) but very relaxing! Now where has that crochet hook gone?

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