Sunday, 11 October 2009

Home Again!

We spent a wonderful weekend in Dorset, I booked this for my mum and I to go away, but sadly as I still can't drive, Clive took me down instead. Mum and I will go in April so we can go back to see the signets at the swannery!

If you are ever down that way, do go to the saturday market at Bridport, there are some fantastic stalls selling vintage stuff! Another great place for lunch is the Arts Centre, their ploughmans lunch is fabulous and a bargain for a fiver! We visited the great reclaimation yard, the guys are very friendly and chatty. There are all types of dressing tables, wash stands and chairs! If you are lloyd loom fan they they have them a plenty! Under a dressing table I spotted a whole basket full of vintage lace and crochet doilies, they are so beautfully delicate, I can never aspire to such heights! I bought four for two pounds! Clive was wonderful, as I am once again in the wheelchair! the leg is really not great, and I am in pain if I try to stand for too long!

Still the sun came out today, so I took up a little stool and managed to harvest some of the lavender, (there are still three bushes to go!). I am going to make some lovely weat bags for Christmas presents.

I have also come up with a very cunning plan! I was putting straw in the nesting box for the chooks, but it was very tricky to keep clean. Spotting some shredded correspondence I realised it would make excellent bedding! Shredding is so satisfying, and it makes cleaning out so cheap, as you can take away the soiled stuff and replace it! It also means that we aren't collapsing under piles of junk mail! They love the cosy nest and lay in it quite happily, it also is quite clean to remove from the eggs.


  1. The shredded paper is a fantastic idea!! Chicken poo is supposed to be great fertiliser too, so I reckon the soiled bedding that goes in the compost bin will make really good compost, especially as paper breaks down much faster than straw!! I will use this idea when I eventually get chickens!!

  2. I used shredded paper for my bedding until my shredder broke. I really liked how it held up in the boxes.

  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and telling me your favourite poem. I love "Warning" too, it's such a great poem :)

    I'm not able to drive either at the moment, it's really frustrating isn't it? Our nearest shops are 6 miles away so I'm stuck at home and getting very bored now!

    We use our juck mail on our wood burner, might as well make some use out of it! :)

    Hope you're soon back on your feet again,
    Gem x


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