Thursday, 8 October 2009

Another Week!

Saw the Doctor today and I have been signed off for another week! I am struggling a little because it has now been five weeks since I hurt my leg and it still hurts whenever I try to do anything! It is no fun now!

I realise one thing, I really enjoy my job and I could not be at home all the time. Maybe it doesn't help that I cannot get out of the house, but it is having a strange effect on me. I am spending my time in comfy sportswear, no make up, my hair is just left to dry naturally and I just don't want to go out! This is just so unlike me! I am usually out dancing tango, jive, I meet up with friends, as well as dancing at the weekends. I jog three times a week with another friend and I always wear makeup! What is happening to me? (sitting beneath the patchwork quilt, cat on knee, crochet hook in hand and a pile of wool by my feet!) dare I say it I am getting old? LOL (The quilt is necessary because our boiler has gone to boiler heaven! I wonder if fire and brimstone might suit a boiler more?)

Anyhow, a lady complimented me on my new bag, my mad bag, and no she did not need glasses! In case you missed it here it is again!

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