Friday, 2 October 2009

All frills and spills!

I do not apologise for the frilliness and sheer girlieness of this tea cosy. Going to the local woolshop is like visiting a candy store! So many beautiful colours and shades! I fell in love with this wool, (or rather cotton) it is called baby bamboo. I found it a little tricky to work with, the strands would come loose and I ended up with split stiches!

The pattern idea is my own, a combination of techniques I wanted to try out, namely the fringed lower edging, together with the loopy curved top. The flower is from the book compendium of crochet techniques by Jan Eaton, I cannot recommend it enough! The instructions are very thorough and she covers lots of stuff including using colour, blocking and various edging and trims. Being incapacitated on the sofa offers the opportunity to practice and I am now getting better at the techniques!

It is such a relaxing hobby! I am feeling a little old now, as I am on the sofa, cosy under a little lap quilt watching countdown of all things! LOL, I really have to get back to work!

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  1. Ooh, the colours are so pretty!! It makes me think of proper 'butterfly buns' and tea in a cup and saucer - a real treat!


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