Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Re-cycled jumper bag

Well here it is, the jumper bag! I have seen this idea floating around, when I spotted this jumper in a charity shop I thought it would make a good bag.

I went really mad with the crochet! I don't apologise, the idea behind this bag was to use it for work! I have to wear a uniform for work so this is my opportunity to make a little stand! Which is why it is so wild!

With work in mind, I created a mobile pocket, front pocket (for a water bottle) an inner pen pocket and a secret zip up for those little essentials!

To make one of your own, here is how it is done!
Cut the jumper just below the arm holes and then over lock the edges to keep them from fraying. Using this as a template cut out the lining material adding a seam allowance.

Using a pen as a guide cut a rectangle the same length of the pen, then add a finger gap between each pen to get the width, (the finger gap helps the seam allowance).

Cut a larger rectangle to form the secret pocket with another piece the same width but only a third deep which will be the top edge of the pocket.

So you should have a back, front, a pen pocket rectangle, and two more rectangles to form the secret pockets.

Over lock all the edges to stop them from fraying.

Taking the pen rectangle, turn over top seam allowance and sew to edge. Turn over the other three sides and press. Pin to one of the linings, and sew round the three edges.

Using the pen as a guide, sew channels through the pocket. I have added some trim to each channel on my pen pocket, as you can see! I also finished it with a blanket stitch from my machine!

To create the other secret pocket sew the two pieces together along the width.

Press the seam open, lay the zip across the seam and sew round using a zipper foot to get close to the edge.

Press the seam again, then using an unpicker, carefully remove stitches from the zip opening.

Press seam allowances on all four edges and sew to lining, you can also use a decorative stitch.

Iron the top edge of the lining pieces, then sew along the top edge. Sew the two lining pieces together along the three edges.

Cut the arms off and remove cuffs. Take one sleeve and cut it length ways to create narrow strips. Over lock all raw edges, sew the sleeves together around the cuff edge to make the handle.
As the knitted sleeves may stretch, cut the ribbing off and thread it through the sleeves to strengthen the handle.

Use the shoulder edge (which is a large area) and zig zag the handle to the wrong side of the lining bag at the side seams. It is essential to create a large surface area so that any weight in the bag is distributed.

Use the ribbing to create the mobile phone pocket. Sew the bottom of the pocket to the jumper outside, and then tuck the side seams and sew. Create a larger pocket from the remaining sleeve, with the cuff uppermost. (don't forget to over lock the edges)

Your jumper should be still intact at the side seams. Using the rib as the top edge, sew the lower edge to form the bottom of the bag. (I included a pom pom trim).

You can then decorate the bag with daisy stitches, and crochet trims, or if you prefer something more subtle then you can leave it plain!

I will blog the crochet flower patterns later.

Place the lining bag inside the jumper bag and hand stitch the edges together.

In order to make the phone pocket a little more secure I crocheted a loop and flower button. It means the phone won't slip out. I also created a ruffled edge to the larger pocket. (will post later)

I hope these instructions are clear, but if you have any difficulty please don't hesitate to contact me! This is my first attempt at putting a project here! I hope you like it!

all the best

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