Saturday, 3 October 2009

For my friend in the North

It is Marylin's birthday this month, so I have been busy hooking! I created this corsage especially for her, hope she likes it! The pink flower is on page 114 of Jan Eaton's Compendium of crochet techniques. (I love the word compendium, such a rolling round your tongue word!) As I mentioned before this is a fab book. I think I have had a little more success this time because I stuck to the instructions! Normally I get so far, can't work out what they are trying to tell me, and then do my own thing with disastrous results. However, this is what happens when you actually follow instructions and I am rather pleased with it. The middle flower is my own creation (yellow and white) sort of lots of chain loops round the white circle. The back of the pin is made from a larger green circle with the leaves made from chains, doubles and trebles. I hope she likes it!

L was sorting out her room, trying to find all the Halloween stuff, attempting to persuade me into holding a Halloween party no doubt! We found a couple of wigs and I thought I would model the corsage as a hair clip, it looks as if I found my twin sister! I think I will cut my hair shorter!! It looks like fun!

Well, now I have manged to get up, dressed and showered, I am off to the shed with a jumper and some sharp scissors! Happy Saturday!

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  1. OMGoodness your teapot cosy and this flower are delicious!! You have to sell your makes! Let me know if you plan on making some of those flowers into smaller brooches and im top of the list to buy one! :D



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