Sunday, 4 October 2009

Where did Sunday Go?

One step forward, two back! I took my very strong painkillers yesterday morning, and was walking around quite well without the crutches! I was beginning to think I might actually get my life back! Oh Dancing yippee, work, well to be honest it would be nice! All this sitting left me with a little bit of a back ache, and so I took another painkiller around four then just before bed, because I thought it was really doing me good, I took one more just before bed. (I am supposed to take six a day so this was way below the prescription levels)

My advice to you, never take three co-drydomal tablets! Could barely wake up this morning, had a splitting headache and felt as if I had been boozing all night! After taking some headache tablets I just thought I would doze for another ten minutes - when I woke up eventually it was 12.30! Admittedly I don't have back ache, my leg is hurting today but I felt really groggy all day! So back to the drawing board or rather sofa!

Today I have been playing with the jumper, I now require yet another trip to the candy (wool) store then hopefully all will be revealed!

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  1. Aw, it sounds so painful and you must be well and truly fed up with the crutches by now!! I suppose at least you can sit and knit or crochet, but all the same, I bet you can't wait to be back on two legs and dancing again! Hope it's not too long!


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